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Get ready for the small payment revolution

Cardis has set out to transform the small payment ecosystem for the better—turn low value payments into small profitable payments for digital content providers, retailers and processors. Low value payments are the single largest growth opportunity for electronic payments. Cardis’ disruptive technology is poised to transform industries that will benefit from offering products at a more granular level. The small payment revolution is about to begin with innovations taking place in publishing, entertainment and gaming, to name a few. Here’s the team leading this game-changing technology solution.

Executive Team

Jonathan Nierenberg

Chief Marketing Officer, Cardis USA

With over two decades of experience in leading global business development teams Jonathan Nierenberg served as Senior Vice President at IDT, one of the world’s largest communication companies. He has established an enviable track record of success in developing strategic relationships with some of the most formidable clients in the Entertainment, Content, Mobile APP, Cable and Government markets. At IDT, Jonathan led the company’s Global Services group in driving high value-add services such as mobile apps, managed services, prepaid and remittance. Prior experience includes Ernst & Young and Edward S. Gordon/CBRE for international real estate. Jonathan graduated from the Syms School of Business with degrees in International Finance and Accounting and holds a post graduate degree from the New York University School of Real Estate.

Steve Brown

Senior Vice President - Finance, Cardis USA

A certified public accountant, Steve has over 15 years of senior management experience in publically traded companies. He served as board member and Chief Financial Officer of IDT Corporation where he guided the development of a growth stage telecommunications company through to its maturity as a public company, later founding and chairing IDT Entertainment, a media spin-off. During his tenure he also served on the board of publicly listed Net2Phone. More recently Steven was managing partner at the Mcguffin Group, a financial consulting firm advising early stage companies.

Advisory Board

Briant Biggs

Advisory Board – Mobile Strategy & Digital Music

Briant Biggs is the head of global mobile strategies at Roc Nation, where he serves as the brain trust behind all mobile applications. Roc Nation is a premier full service entertainment company and record label focused on artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management, music publishing, touring, merchandising and film and television production. In 2004 Briant successfully launched Swagger Wireless to provide marketing, promotions and production services for urban mobile content programs. He is an industry thought leader, regularly appearing on panels across the globe to offer his insights into the future direction of mobile applications across various industries.

Motti Teicher

Advisory Board – Innovation

Motti Teicher is the founder of Cardis and the inventor of the Cardis Solution. Motti is a full-time independent research and development specialist and is active in training and coaching inventors in the hi-tech sector. Motti holds a degree in physics from the Haifa Technion and has 40 US patents issued to his name. Presently, Motti is working with Cardis on the next generation of patented innovations, to strengthen Cardis’ leadership in low value payments as the payments landscape evolves over the coming decade.

Aaron Fischman

Co-founder; Supervisory Board Director, Cardis B.V.

Aaron Fischman is a co-founder of Cardis and has acted in various officer positions  since inception. Mr. Fischman is a managing partner of Choshen Israel Group, a New York based company, which specializes in founding, financing and building hi tech startup companies in various sectors including the music industry. Chosen Israel Group actively manages the startup companies it finances and seeks to maximize their growth and value creation by exploiting Choshen’s international network of business associates. Through Choshen’s incubation program Mr. Fischman has nurtured various companies and assisted them in raising capital through both public and private markets.

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