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Get ready for the small payment revolution

Cardis has set out to transform the small payment ecosystem for the better—turn low value payments into small profitable payments for digital content providers, retailers and processors. Low value payments are the single largest growth opportunity for electronic payments. Cardis’ disruptive technology is poised to transform industries that will benefit from offering products at a more granular level. The small payment revolution is about to begin with innovations taking place in publishing, entertainment and gaming, to name a few. Here’s the team leading this game-changing technology solution.

Executive Team

Milos Dunjic

Chief Technology Officer, Cardis B.V.

Milos has over 20 years of experience in development of high performance and high availability transactional systems in financial markets, aerospace and telecommunication industries. Milos has held several senior level consulting positions with the Bank Of Montreal and IBM Global Services where he led teams developing front and back office derivatives, equity trading and order management systems. Before joining Cardis, Milos spent 7 years as the Director of Software Development at Toronto Stock Exchange. Milos holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with major in Computer Science from the University of Belgrade.

Moshe Tokayer

Senior Vice President – IT and Software Development, Cardis R&D Ltd.

Moshe has over twenty years experience managing software development projects. Prior to joining Cardis, Moshe consulted for several software startups in the areas of online gaming and website development. Prior to that, he managed the development of DiscGuard, a complex multidisciplinary product protecting music discs from illegal replication at the company that he founded. Before founding the hi-tech start-up, for a period of ten years, Moshe managed software development projects in the areas of cellular telephony and insurance. Moshe holds a degree in computer programming from New York University.

Juanita Gonsalves

Vice President - Product Management, Cardis B.V.

With more than 20 years of experience in emerging payments and electronic transaction processing Juanita has held senior positions with Scotiabank and merchant acquirer Chase Paymentech where her responsibilities included product development and strategic planning. An active participant in Canadian payment industry advisory groups, her accomplishments include a number of deployments of new payment technologies and developing POS communication network strategies.

Steve Brown

Senior Vice President - Finance, Cardis USA

A certified public accountant, Steve has over 15 years of senior management experience in publically traded companies. He served as board member and Chief Financial Officer of IDT Corporation where he guided the development of a growth stage telecommunications company through to its maturity as a public company, later founding and chairing IDT Entertainment, a media spin-off. During his tenure he also served on the board of publicly listed Net2Phone. More recently Steven was managing partner at the Mcguffin Group, a financial consulting firm advising early stage companies.


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