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Dramatically reduce processing fees

Our mobile payment solution benefits retailers with customers making repeat small purchases—QSR, coffee shops, grocery/convenience, parking and vending retailers, to name a few. Convenience and new payment options are driving the growing preference for small electronic payments. With Cardis, you can embrace mobile payments for everyday small purchases without incurring high processing fees.

“Retailers are pleased that they can settle even very small amounts affordably.”

— Dr. Gerald Kubu, Raiffeisen Bank International

Learn more about your customers

Cardis turns untraceable cash payments into a new stream of data for you by making small electronic payments affordable for the seller. Cardis collects customer behavior data from a large volume of daily purchases converted from cash. We provide you with this valuable customer information so you can make informed business decisions, like offering targeted specials and loyalty rewards.

Cardis offers a full range of mobile payment solutions

This is a competitive edge for any retailer looking to attract new customers with flexible paying options.

  1. A complete set of mobile payments and wallet services for acceptance of credit, debit and prepaid cards including Cardis Small Payments Processing (aggregation of credit/debit transactions and processing of Cardis ezChange™ and Cardis eChange™).*
  2. Or simply integrate Cardis Small Payments Processing services with your existing mobile payment/wallet solution with the Cardis Platform through our API.

*Offered with Cardis’ processor and mobile wallet partners

Profit from our processing

If you would like to learn more about how Cardis can transform your business and increase your profits, contact us below to discuss your needs.