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A flexible and comprehensive suite

The Cardis Platform is a comprehensive suite of highly scalable components with proven security and integrity. The platform is fully flexible, allowing components to be assembled to support various deployment options:

Any consumer payment form factor

Mobile phone, digital/mobile wallet, EMV card (contact/contactless).

Any type of secure element (SE)

Cloud-based and physical.

Any payment channel

In-store, online and in-app purchases.

Any POS interface

QR codes, NFC/HCE, BLE and contact/contactless cards.

Cardis Back-end

The back-end core of the Cardis Technology Platform is fully agnostic to the consumer form factor, type of secure element, payment channel and the interface used at the front-end (QR code, NFC/HCE, contact EMV, BLE). These common functions are performed:

  • Cardis End Of Day Processing and Accumulation
  • Cardis System Integrity and Audit Checking
  • Cardis Exception Handling
  • Cardis End Of Day Reporting

The Cardis Back-end is implemented as a set of custom-built distributed Java server components, deployed in a secure hosting cloud environment, which is not accessible via the public Internet.

An RSA Private Key digital signature is required of the sender process on all sensitive messages and files flowing through the Cardis Back-end servers during end of day processing. The receiver process must verify the message/file digital signature, before it is consumed, by using the sender’s RSA Public Key Certificate. This ensures message authenticity and integrity protection and full mutual authentication of the Cardis Back-end server components during communications.

All RSA Key Pairs and certificates used in the mutual authentication of the Cardis Back-end servers are hosted inside a cluster of tamper resistant cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Cardis Transaction Processing Front-end

Based on the consumer form factor, type of secure element and payment channel, Cardis offers multiple technology options for implementation of its transaction processing front end.

Cloud-based secure element deployment options

For deployments with cloud-based secure elements, Cardis provides processors/wallet providers with web services API (i.e. https based lightweight REST interface) to Cardis Online Front End (COFE) for transaction processing. COFE acts as a secure container for:

  • Virtual Card (vCard): Cloud-based implementation of the consumer form factor component for secure management of digital balances.
  • Virtual POS (vPOS): Cloud-based implementation of the merchant component for transaction processing. The payment processor originally receives high value payment (HVP) and LVP requests from the online merchant server/physical POS and then routes LVP transaction requests to COFE, based on pre-configured LVP eligibility criteria.

Physical secure element deployments

Cardis supports deployments with offline LVP transaction processing between consumer form factors with physical secure elements and physical POS terminals with:

  • GlobalPlatform/JavaCard or MULTOS compatible Cardis LVP Applet, which can be deployed inside traditional consumer device secure elements.
  • Cardis POS LVP Kernel: A custom C library, which can be deployed inside the physical POS terminal and integrated with the acquirer main payment application via standard and simple API. It securely communicates offline with the Cardis LVP Applet, using the set of ISO 7816 compliant custom APDU commands (seamlessly supporting both contact and contactless POS interface).

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