Online Stores & Digital Content Providers

Create new granular offers without incurring large fees

Online Stores and Digital Content Providers

Dramatically reduce processing fees

If your customers are making small purchases on a regular basis, then Cardis is the ideal platform for your business. We can lower your processing fees and save you between 35% to 60% for recurring customers.*

*For customers who make 2-5 purchases of $3.00

New data drives new opportunities

Selling products at a more granular level will provide you with additional insight you can use to your advantage. Create better targeted offers, increase customer loyalty and engagement with this new data stream. Our analytics reporting offers you the opportunity to increase sales by tapping into each customer’s buying habits.

Give customers what they want

With Cardis, you can offer products at a more granular, micropayment level—creating new revenue streams with low processing fees.

A suite of solutions for you

Cardis offers a full range of solutions specifically tailored for online stores and digital content providers in music, publishing and mobile/online gaming.

  1. A complete set of processing services for accepting credit, debit, and prepaid cards with Cardis Small Payments Processing (aggregation of credit/debit transactions and Cardis ezChange™).*
  2. Small payments processing services where retailers can integrate their existing processing system with the Cardis Platform through API for e-commerce and in-app authorizations.
  3. A complete mobile store solution for digital content, merchandise and event tickets.*

*Offered with Cardis’ partners

Profit from our processing

If you would like to learn more about how Cardis can transform your business and increase your profits, contact us below to discuss your needs.