Spindle Deal Brings Mobile Payments to K-Cup Office Vending Machines

October 23, 2013

The mobile commerce solutions provider Spindle has signed a deal with Multi-max, which makes vending machines for mid-size and small offices, to integrate its MeNetwork mobile-commerce technology into Multi-max’s line of K-Cup vending machines. The MeNetwork solution will incorporate all card-based payment acceptance services, as well as mobile marketing services, Spindle said.

The payments processor Cardis USA, a Spindle partner, is also part of the deal, and Spindle will leverage ValidSoft’s advanced In-band Voice Biometrics authentication technology, which is custom built for the mobile platform, according to a news release.


ValidSoft, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elephant Talk Communications Corp., recently announced the integration of its advanced technology with Spindle’s new MeNetwork360 mobile-commerce ecosystem, the release said.

Through this arrangement, Spindle plans to distribute the K-Cup systems to businesses and coffee service suppliers throughout the United States.

“We are very excited with the potential that the partnership with Multi-max represents,” Spindle CEO Bill Clark said in the release. “We’ll now have the opportunity to offer a full end-to-end mobile-commerce solution to a wide range of vending operators and coffee service suppliers that are looking to quickly enter the mobile commerce space.”

Spindle said its MeNetwork360 platform allows merchants to facilitate payment processing and manage customized marketing campaigns in a single interface. The platform enables a number of features, including loyalty programs, electronic coupons, rebates and instant offers, and allows consumers to locate merchants, discover offers, accrue loyalty points and make purchases on their mobile devices, the company said.

Spindle added that its relationship with Cardis USA is key to the agreement, as Cardis technology enables several consumer transactions made at different retailers to be handled with only one transaction processed through the payment network, thereby significantly lowering the overall transaction costs.

“As low-value payments migrate from coin and note to electronic form factors, it is essential to deploy a solution that brings down the overall costs of transactions, so that retailer margin is protected,” Cardis USA CEO Aaron Fischman said in the release. “This solution provides that essential capability, previously missing from the mobile wallet. Consequently, the widespread deployment of these machines is likely to make mobile as habit-forming as cash once was.”

Spindle said its security partner, ValidSoft, will provide voice-based authentication technologies to the solution.

San Diego-based Multi-max offers a wide range of vending solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, the release said, providing a number of food and beverage products as well as advanced telemetry and back office systems.

“This arrangement [gives] Multi-max an excellent foundation to substantially grow our business,” Mark Bentley, the company’s director of sales and marketing, said in the release. “Mobile commerce represents an exciting opportunity to reach new partners and customers, and deliver compelling marketing services that can easily translate into revenue. Spindle’s unique ability to combine all these services into one seamless solution makes this partnership particularly appealing.”


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